„Imperial Shipping Group” acquired 49 percent of the Bulgarian company
23 April 2012

„Imperial Shipping Group” acquired 49 percent of the Bulgarian company


This step shows the potential for expanding of the international company on the Lower Danube.

In order to achieve further developing and completing the activities on the Danube, especially in the area of the Lower Danube, on 20th April 2012 Imperial Shipping Group, acquired 49% of the company "Rubiships" Ltd., Rousse, Bulgaria.

"Our Western customers, and in particular the companies in the agricultural sector, motivated our interest in the Black Sea region," explained the arguments Jürgen Helten /Head of Sector "Chartering of vessels, transporting and forwarding services" in Imperial Shipping Group/, "Rubiships is the optimal alternative. Now we will be able to offer transport services from the North to the Black Sea and, not only on the river waterway." - said Jürgen Helten.

Another part of the company's portfolio of international activities are handling, storage and road freight. Further enriching them by coastal shipping and clearings activities in the Black Sea region. "This step offers great potential for growth, especially in the neighbour countries - Bulgaria and Romania and Turkey.", added Peter Edlichka - Chairman of "Multinaut Donaulogistik" GmbH. "Through this partnership, we will build a better network of services between both companies. "We have gained initial experience through our cooperation over the past three years" - said Peter Yedlichka, Chairman of Multinaut. In the future, together with the owner Robert Radoslavov, we'll represent the company's management of Rubiships GmbH.

"The partnership with Imperial Shipping Group allows further development of the services currently offered in the" region of the future." Also there are opportunities for expansion of the potential of the joint venture, in full satisfaction of the customers in a region of about 2000 km. "Participation in the "Champions League" is a great responsibility. "- said Robert Radoslavov.



Bulgarian company "Rubiships" Ltd., despite the forwarding services it offers, it has 6 own self-propelled cargo vessels, which support a weekly online freight service from Constanta to Kelheim and back.
The shipping company was founded in 1996 in Rousse, currently has 48 employees, 36 of them are crew members on board of the cargo ships.

Imperial Shipping Group is the largest shipping company at the domestic market in Western Europe with 6200 employees and over 1.5 billion annual turnover. Success, they say, is in the individual customer services.
The company offers a wide range of logistics services, customized solutions for quick transport from door to door. The annual turnover is more than 53 million tons of dry and liquid bulk cargo. The fleet amounts to 148 own and 415 foreign vessels with a capacity of nearly 1 million tons.
From 28.12. 2002 the company belongs to Imperial International Group, Duisburg. It is owned by South African Services Group Imperial Holdings Limited, Bedfordview.


„Imperial Shipping Group” acquired 49 percent of the Bulgarian company
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